Episode 1: " Welcome to HealthTech Hustle" | Rodney Hu, 209Digital

In this episode, Rodney talks about his experience as an MRI Technologist, and why he started Health-Tech Hustle Podcast. He shares his experience as both the professional in the healthtech field and his experience as the patient.

Technology is advancing at an increasing rate, but the healthcare field is slow to adopt new technology. Rodney talks about the benefits of technology, the problems in the health industry, and the goal of HealthTech Hustle Podcast.

HealthTech Hustle Podcast is the place for innovators seeking to create a better environment, professionals looking to provide a service, and persons in the healthtech space, to share insights into their industry. Rodney Hu is the Founder of 209Digital and host of HealthTechHustle Podcast.

Key Takeaways
- Bring on industry experts and allow them to share their stories.
- Background of who Rodney is, his experience as an MRI Technician, and why he started HealthTech Hustle Podcast.
- Problems in digital health and health tech space, and the healthcare industry.
- Goals for HealthTech Hustle Podcast, what you can expect as the listener, and types of guests.

Key Moments
00:26 – Rodney Hu talks about the format and goal for the podcast, and what you can expect as the listener.
01:18 – Rodney talks about starting his career in healthcare as an MRI technologist.
02:50 – The benefits and advantages of new technological advancements in healthcare.
03:25 – Rodney talks about his experience being patient: First-hand experience of the processes of how technology benefits healthcare.
05:35 – Goal Connect with people in the health-tech space to see and understand what they are doing and the problems they are solving.
06:19 – Create valuable content for listeners. Provide a platform for innovators, professionals, and individuals like you in the health-tech space the opportunity to share insights.
07:20 – Welcome to HealthTech Hustle Podcast.
10:00 – What’s coming next

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