Ep.4: A Health Care Technology for the “American Grandparents”| Josh Albrechtsen, Cortex Healthcare

Meet Josh Albrechtsen, the President, and co-founder of Cortex Healthcare. Cortex is a healthcare software technology that provides real-time patient updates for healthcare providers follow-up calls, hospital alerts, performance metrics, and more.

In this episode of HealthTech Hustle Podcast, the host Rodney Hu talks with Josh as he shares his journey from a technology career to the healthcare industry. He explains in detail how Cortex came about, their mission, the work they have put in place to grow the company, and the industry challenges they face.

Listen in to learn what Cortex is doing to offer support to elderly people and nursing homes employees to help curb the spread of the Coronavirus among them. You will also learn some important tips if you’re planning to start a healthcare software.

Key Takeaways
Following the heart even if it means stepping into unchartered waters.
Understanding how healthcare technology software works.
The ups and downs of growing a company from the ground up.
Supporting clients amid COVID-19.
Marketing vs sales for startups.
The importance of using automation for efficiency.
Advice for anyone wanting to start a healthcare technology.

Key moments
5:05- Josh explains how Cortex technology works to benefit the patients even though they are not the target audience.
8:10- The birth of Cortex from the ground up and the fear of a zero-revenue company.
9:49- He describes the financial stability that they have experienced in this COVID-19 crisis and what they’re doing to support their clients and patients.
13:20- When did Josh discover his entrepreneurial spirit and nurtured it?
15:18- What does the role of the President of Cortex involve?
17:12- How to make work easier with automation technology.
20:08- The power of creating an efficient sales model through branding.
22:33- He talks about the major obstacles they have experienced as a company especially in the beginning.
24:22- How to retain employees.
26:29- The mistake of focusing on revenue too early instead of growing the business.
27:29- Josh describes the three ROI pillars they used to market themselves.
29:29- What advice does Josh have to anyone wanting to start a healthcare technology?
32:08- Josh answers a rapid-fire round of questions.

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