Ep.3: Understanding the Complexities of the End-User| Nithin Krishna, BloominMind Healthtech

In this episode, I talk with Nithin Krishna about identifying problems and providing solutions. Nithin shares his journey within the field of psychiatry and connecting patients to healthcare providers.

Nithin talks about his first-hand experience with mental health and how it influenced his decision to transition into the field of psychiatry. He delves into the disparities of the healthcare field and working on the ground floor of the emergency services department at the University of Maryland. Nithin’s experiences are the driving force behind BloominMind Healthtech, platform that will connect an individual with mental health providers.

Nithin Krishna is an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and he is the CEO and President of Psych Associates of Maryland, and CEO of BloominMind HealthTech.

Key Takeaways
- Straying away from the norms, giving it your all to creating your journey.
- Keeping the end-user in mind when creating accesses for clients.
- Identifying problems by leveraging skills and expertise and investing in solutions for healthcare providers and clients.
- Finding a solution, putting in the work, and building capital.

Key moments
01:19 – Nithin talks about straying away from the norm and finding his path as a healthcare professional.
02:48 – Nithin talks about his first-hand experience with mental health and his transition into psychiatry.
07:17 – The recession hit and Nithin purchase his first company, Psych Associates of Maryland, and how putting in the work.
09:45 – Nithin talks about bipolar disorder and managing and working on the ground floor of the Psychiatric Emergency Service at the University of Maryland.
15:10 – Nithin talks about working on a platform called VPARS (Virtual Patient Admitting and Referrals System) to help match patients and stakeholders with resources which formed into BloominMinds.
16:20 – Looking for partners that can help commercialize nationally and internationally.
16:53 – Being reliable, building community within the healthcare field, growing BloominMinds, and building awareness around the solutions it provides.
30:18 – The current focus of BloominMinds, providing affordable care, and finding potential providers in behavioural health to meet the needs of clients.
34:01 – Who is communicating the needs of the patients?
35:09 – Nithin talks about his administrative team, building a strong foundation, obstacles, and gaining capital by working hard and putting his all into growing the business.
41:13 — Rapid Fire Round.

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