EP 9: How to Be a Successful Content Strategist for Health Tech Startups | Oryna Schiffman

Meet Oryna Schiffman, a content marketing strategist who specializes in the health-tech field. She decided to do writing and marketing content in health tech after years of ghostwriting and working with startups that proved successful.

In this episode of HealthTech Hustle Podcast with Rodney Hu, Oryna shares the challenges she sees with health tech startups when it comes to reaching out to the market and how she helps. She describes her research strategy that has proven success in writing medical content even though she doesn’t have a background in the field.
Listen in to learn the type of content that communicates when marketing to both businesses and consumers.

“If the consumer gains your trust, they will stay with you and your content long enough to get to science gradually. But if you don’t attract them through emotive language first, they’ll never get to where they learn the science.”- Oryna Schiffman [5:01]

Top Takeaways:

- How to communicate with healthcare consumers with the right content.
- The importance of written content in healthcare tech.
- The content writing research process and marketing in the healthcare field.
- Understanding the importance of communication within the marketing team.
- The changing times in the healthcare sector.

Key moments:

[1:10] Oryna shares her story of specializing in health tech content marketing.
[2:24] Why it is important for healthcare tech startups to communicate the right information to consumers before trying to sell to them.
[5:50] What is the importance of content in the health tech sector?
[9:03] She explains the process of writing content for both b2b and b2c audiences.
[13:50] How is the research process for a content writer?
[16:29] The importance of writing targeted content while having constant communication with the marketing team.
[21:08] Oryna shares the right tools for writing great content.
[24:49] How integrative medicine has made a shift in healthcare in the last 10-15 years.
[27:28] How the COVID-19 will change the healthcare scene.
[28:46] What advice does she have for anyone wanting to do what she does?
[30:32] Oryna answers the rapid-fire round of questions.

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