EP 8: Helping HealthTech Startups Reach Their Commercial Potential | Ryan Sadlo, Accelerate Health

Meet Ryan Sadlo, an early HealthTech commercialization expert, the founder of Accelerate Health, and
the current Head of Business Development at Lazarus Enterprises.

In this episode of Health Tech Hustle Podcast, Rodney Hu speaks with Ryan as he shares his vast
knowledge in the HealthTech industry. He explains the process in which a new technology goes through
before it is ready to be released to the market.

Listen in to learn how the COVID-19 pandemic might change the healthcare dynamics for good. You will
also learn how Ryan manages his time as a professional who is involved with many ventures.

“Investors are willing to fund something that’s not completely finished from a technology perspective
or even clinically validated if by completing it, you’re addressing some major market need that is
acute.”- Ryan Sadlo [6:31]

Top Takeaways:
 The process of bringing new healthcare technology into the market through a startup.
 The strategy that Ryan uses to build startups from the bottom up.
 How COVID-19 is reshaping the healthcare scene?
 The power of having a reliable and efficient team in a healthcare tech startup.
 Understanding the process of approving a new technology and the time it takes before
becoming ready for the market.
 Learn how to set all your priorities right when working towards success.

Key Moments:
[1:10] How Ryan transitioned from naval architecture to healthcare.
[2:20] Is Boston placed in a better position with life sciences and investing in healthcare?
[3:57] How is new healthcare technology brought into the market through a startup?
[5:44] Why taking both clinical and technology risks is important for startups.
[7:12] Ryan describes the strategy of building something from the ground up that he uses when
working with startups.
[8:53] What challenges are healthcare tech startups facing with the current COVID-19
pandemic? How is it shaping the healthcare industry?
[13:13] The importance of knowing where your capabilities are and where they’re lacking when
working with a team.
[15:25] How does the process of approving a new technology work?
[16:38] Ryan explains the time and process a new technology takes before getting approved for
the market.
[19:34] How does Ryan manage his time when he’s involved with so many ventures?
[21:38] Ryan answers the rapid-fire round of questions.

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