EP 7: The One-Stop Device for Chronic Illnesses Data Collection | Sathya Elumalai, Aidar He

Meet Sathya Elumalai, the founder and CEO of Aidar Health. He is also a healthcare executive with over
15 years of experience in working with the payers, providers, pharmaceuticals, and patients.

In this episode of Health Tech Hustle Podcast with Rodney Hu, Sathya shares how his company Aidar is
working towards the most important solution for the current COVID-19 pandemic. He describes how he
came up with a noninvasive rapid medical assessment device after witnessing firsthand, fragments in
healthcare procedures.

Listen in to learn how MouthLab™ device was created, how it operates and sends patient data. You will
also learn the ups and downs of running a healthcare tech startup company as well as introducing a new
device into the market.

“Today we are faced with a much bigger challenge where we are not prepared for the pandemic even
though the best health systems are based in the US- we are the most affected.”- Sathya Elumalai [3:07]

Top Takeaways:
 Finding a solution for COVID-19 and healthcare problems.
 The ups and downs of running a startup.
 Fulfilling a passion by working towards finding the right solutions.
 Understanding a problem and finding an efficient team to work on the solutions.
 How to reach the right audience for a healthcare tech device.

Key Moments:
[1:20] What does Aidar Health do and what are they working towards now?
[2:15] Why we need to rethink how we are addressing our current healthcare needs.
[3:39] The challenges Aidar Health is facing during the COVID-19 pandemic from a business
perspective and the brighter side of things as a research centre.
[5:45] Sathya explains how their device works and sends data.
[8:03] How he transitioned from healthcare to tech.
[9:00] How he was inspired by his mother’s chronic illness to create a solution that caters to
chronic patient’s data collection.
[11:51] Why understanding the need for a solution helped with the process of creating the
[13:28] The team he worked with to develop the device.
[15:51] Sathya’s process of acquiring a skilled and efficient team.
[18:01] He explains how they’re working with partners and organizations to reach their
[20:29] How do they secure their partnerships?
[22:38] What are some of the challenges he has experienced in growing a startup and
introducing a new device into the market.
[25:32] What advice does he have for anyone wanting to get into healthcare tech.
[27:33] Sathya answers the rapid-fire round of questions.

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