EP 6: Digital Approach of solving Health-care and Fitness Issues | Kyle Puckhaber, I2 Fitne

For this Podcast episode, an extensive discussion on Health tech was made with Kyle Puckhaber.
Kyle has over eight years of experience in product management, and he’s working in various capacities in health tech companies. He has worked as a product manager for health tech in the long-term care industry, and currently working in the fitness industry with his brothers, helping people achieve and maintain their fitness goals.

Kyle started his career as a life insurance representative for six months and then decided to focus on Health care domain, by being an account manager for a Health care firm. His enthusiasm for health care software made him become the product manager. This position made him dig into thorough research about the product they were giving to medical practitioners.

Key Takeaways
· Incorporation of technology in Health-care bolsters productivity.
· Price of services rendered to body-fitness customers must worth the value added to them.
· Understanding the dynamics of target groups within health and fitness niche aids substantial growth.

Key Moments
1:23 - Kyle talked about the early stage of his career.
2:43 - Activities that stimulated Kyle’s Career as a product Manager.
3:58 - Developing software to support Medicare and Medic-aid system.
5:00 - Drafting Health-tech software from drawing-board to production.
5:30 - Solving problems by understanding government regulations, and challenges in the industry.
8:30 - Current challenges in Health-care industry.
11:27 - Coping with health and fitness industry amidst COVID-19.
15:23 - Kyle elucidated how to leverage online technologies for health benefit.
17:03 - Effect of cost on health and nutrition services.
23:00 - The means of reaching out to the target group in fitness industry.
24:55 - How to use technology to add value to business.
28:48 - Obstacles in business growth.
36:16 - Germane pillars for a business foundational growth.

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