Ep. 5: "Teaching Doctors the Importance of Medical Cannabis" | Jay Mulhern, Delta 9 Summits

Meet Jay Mulhern, the managing director of Delta 9 Summits. This is an events services and management company that provides and produces health care industry events and conferences.

In this episode of Health Tech Hustle Podcast, Rodney Hu speaks with Jay as he shares his health journey that led him to believe in the power of medical cannabis. He describes how his passion for seeing the cannabis being adopted as a mode of treatment is the genesis of holding educational events.

Listen in to understand why Jay swears by medical cannabis and creates campaigns events to see his vision succeed. You will also hear the fear of the COVID-19 that Jay has for both his business and his health as well as that of his father’s.

You can learn more about Delta 9 Summits here:

Key Takeaways
- The benefits of medical cannabis.
- Educational events that try to change the minds of medical practitioners.
- Major concerns over the Coronavirus impact in the healthcare sector.

Key moments
1:30- Jay shares the health problems that fuel his medical cannabis advocacy.
4:27- He explains how he changed his mindset on medical cannabis and believes that health care practitioners should reevaluate their stand on it too.
7:19- Reasons why health care providers should consider paying attention to the magnitude of medical cannabis success stories and its potential as a non-invasive method of treatment.
9:05- How Jay plans and gets support for these medical cannabis events.
13:19- The gap that needs to be bridged to make registered and practising physician understand the potential of cannabis in dealing with some medical ailments.
14:28- How he uses his expertise in research and marketing to make these events successful.
16:41- How big are the medical cannabis events?
18:56- Jay explains how through connections and partnerships he gets the audience to attend his events even though they are boutique-styled type.
20:33- The concerns he has about coronavirus.
21:56- The effects of Coronavirus on events, Jay and his father.
25:31- Jay answers the rapid-fire round of questions.

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