EP 29: Formula to Success for Growing Digital Health Startups | Bryan Loomis, Bryan Loomis LLC

Bryan Loomis is a board member, advisor and mentor to a lot of health tech startups. He is the Growth Expert and Mentor for the c company he started called Bryan Loomis LLC. He also runs a rapidly growing Slack community called Viral Health Founders.

In this episode, Bryan Loomis shares his core values in mentoring and helping digital health startups to set themselves up for success. As a person who acquired his MBA in the healthcare industry, it helped him discover and innovate processes that will help the startup companies to grow rapidly in the industry of healthcare that is already ingrained.

“In healthcare, either you start off in the healthcare side and fall backwards into being startups or you start up with startups and fall backwards into healthcare.” [00:41]

Who is Bryan Loomis? [1:00]
Bryan Loomis acquired his MBA in the town of Nashville, specializing in healthcare marketing emphasis. During his days of studying, he had a class about healthcare economics and that’s when he realized about the opportunities in the industry from the price range and the healthcare system.

He got involved in digital health as he saw the potential of this specific sector in the healthcare industry how it can change the game. He worked for digital health firms for years before he started his own company to help more digital health founders.

How does Bryan collaborate with different digital health companies? [4:24]
Bryan Loomis has already helped over 25 digital health companies towards making an impact. According to him, working with different companies helped him see the pattern and realize the factors that cultivate digital health companies and the mistakes that they usually make.

He said that digital health startups need to gain their potential consumer’s trust by giving the value, illuminating them with the problem and helping them resolve their problems by helping them understand how your company will do it.

The P.A.G.E. Methodology for digital health growth [07:45]
Bryan discusses the PAGE methodology that is his standard framework when mentoring digital health startups. According to him, this is what it stands for:

Purpose: Answers the question, “Why do you do it?”
Audience: Building a group of people that continually comes back to you.
Gospel: Gospel is good news. Bring your audience the best news.
Experimentation: Trial phase. It’s all about figuring out what works and what isn’t.

Finding the right people [15:05]
Bryan Loomis took advantage of the LinkedIn features to find the right people. According to him, the feature that enables you to identify particular job titles that help you fill in the spot. He said that finding and connecting with decision makers was a more experimental-based strategy.

Advice to startup founders [18:15]
According to Bryan, the ultimate advice is to focus on the top of the funnel and in giving value. Invest in the long term and what it needs to look like so you can set yourself up for success.

Bryan Loomis answers the rapid-fire round of questions. [20:39]

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