Ep 28: Patient Engagement Is King | Muthu Krishnan, Kencorhealth, Inc.

Muthu Krishnan has more than 16+ years of experience in the healthcare industry. He is the CEO and President of Kencor Health, an AI-assisted patient engagement platform that brings compliance care content and communication together to deliver quality outcomes at a reduced cost.

In this episode of HealthTech Hustle, Muthu Krishnan talks about his 16+ years of interest and experience in the healthcare industry and how it led and helped him understand what the patients need to create the smartest and most engaging health ecosystem.

“Technology is not going to solve the problem. Technology is a commodity in any work but in healthcare, a lot of handling is required. You need to understand the process with a one-click.” [15:11] - Muthu Krishnan

Who is Muthu Krishnan? [00:56]
It was totally an accident for Muthu to get in the healthcare industry and now he can’t stop thinking about how to help the industry and the patients. Sixteen years ago, he worked for consulting companies that kickstarted his healthcare journey. He began communicating with the physicians and IT people who helped him understand the healthcare processes, technology and innovations.

For him the satisfaction of helping everyone (from patients to the doctors) and serving the community can only be found in healthcare.

What is the mission and vision of Kencor Health? [2:59]
Connecting with the patient in the simplest form. Muthu Krishnan’s rich experience in the healthcare industry has led him to realize that the opportunity lies with patient engagement.

According to Muthu, the aim is to keep 85-90% patient engagement rate by innovating an AI platform that has the simplest output. He said that multiple clicks will lose the user’s interest so they have created a tool that can help patients see important information with a single click.

Creation, innovation and testing phase of Kencor Health [06:34]
The initial phase of the journey focused on cardiology as the doctors from this branch of medicine were the ones who raised the funds and invested in Kencor.

According to Muthu, he considers the doctors he worked with as the key opening leaders of the then starting Kencor Health. The doctors not only helped finance the tool but also provided insights about the platforms strongest points and what could be done better.

They’ve cautiously taken the beta testing to a remote place in Oregon where it’s a challenge to access technology. During the first beta testing, they have successfully kept 75-80% patient engagement.

How do Kencor Health increases the patients’ engagement? [09:14]
Kencor Health engages using a bot called SAMi. SAMi is the patient’s virtual companion that will remind them about their medication and when it’s time to get the vitals. The data will then be acquired automatically without the patient manually noting it and this will be synced by the secured cloud storage.

There are also contents that the patients can watch videos to increase their awareness about the type of condition which are in short duration to keep the attention span at range.

With Kencor Health, the patients can easily connect and communicate with the doctors, if required, with a single press of a button.

How was the Kencor Health Team founded and created? [13:19]
For Muthu, identifying your core team members is the first step towards a successful team. He said that sales and marketing officers, advisers and key opening leaders are the first few people you need. He was very particular in finding the right people that have the best interest in the healthcare industry. And for him, the stars just aligned and he was able to choose and meet the people he loves working with.

What is the importance of sales and marketing officers? [16:40]
Muthu believes that the sales and marketing officers are key components of a successful team. Sales and marketing are working correspondingly. One scenario is the marketing officer publishes a customer’s satisfied experience via content while the sales officer pitches.

What are the obstacles Kencor Health faced and how did they overcome it? [20:04]
The cycle time of healthcare is longer than the sales due to the tedious processes and data and IT standards to respect and consider. As per Muthu, understanding the mission and vision of Kencor Health as well as anything related to the healthcare industry that they’re covering took a lot of time. This is the usual roadblock for the company but it was overcome by focusing a lot more on the results and having patience on what they are trying to achieve.

Muthu Krishnan answers the rapid-fire round of questions. [24:09]

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