Ep 22: The Importance of Healthcare Data Security | Suprit Patel, Ionic

Suprit Patel is the healthcare principal at Ionic Security. This is a company that provides dynamic control and trust by consolidating data access policy in the healthcare space.

Listen in to learn the importance of data security in the healthcare space especially in the digital age when patients are utilizing virtual health platforms. You will also know the role of companies like Ionic in securing data and ensuring that only those who need it can access and make the world a better place.

“It’s not the lack of data, it’s the ability to gain insight from that data that I think has always been a challenge.”- Suprit Patel [20:18]

Transitioning from the financial services to the healthcare tech industry [0:59]
He started in financial services after college but the bank he worked for in New York was shifting to Delaware and he did not want to go there. He switched jobs to a company that was doing research, healthcare, and tech in Washington DC. He has stayed in the healthcare IT world since then (the early 2000s) developing and designing new products for hospitals and health systems market and eventually started his own business serving healthcare clients. He recently started working in the data security space with Ionic as they look to expand into the healthcare vertical.

Empowering healthcare startups to safeguard their data. [3:10]
The last few months have shown that people are willing to take control of their healthcare experience, including their data. They’re willing to communicate through virtual health platforms to providers- using the internet and telemedicine. Consumer habits are what healthcare has seen during the Coronavirus period. Ionic empowers new companies, app developers, health systems, and medical device manufacturers to engage with people at a higher level where they produce products and services that benefit the people while safeguarding their data.

The importance of data security [4:59]
Ionic came up with a powerful solution that ensures the security of startups’ data and information as they develop technology in the right way. That is why he ended up there to help the healthcare vertical in something he sees as necessary. The distribution of the workforce today needs data secured so that those that need the data have it and those who don’t want.

Why healthcare tech companies need data security [8:16]
He goes out there to talk to people and present them with the idea of Ionic. He also looks for ways that can help organizations to acknowledge that they need Ionic solution as part of their going forward. They look for new content to make the program better and show healthcare companies their need for data security.

How to use valuable content as a marketing tool [12:10]
They have a very talented and diligent team that is always outing rich content. They put out content that helps them stay in front of the client when they cannot physically be there which has helped them gain a lot of traction. They want to provide value to clients and potential ones.

The operational challenge of data security in healthcare tech [15:17]
Traditionally, he believes that the people in the art development community were the ideal data
security clients since it all about cloud migration. But he sees that in healthcare, it is an operational issue and not just an IT issue.

How to market to healthcare tech companies [16:37]
They have to bring more technical demos when having initial conversations with their clients. They give the client the technical presentations to show them why the program might be the right fit for their success. They support the client in the transitioning process and the onboarding of the program. And that is the team on that funnel that gets the messaging right to the clients (the marketing).

How to analyze and protect data in the digital world [20:03]
There is no shortage of data and there’s going to be more but the ability to gain insight from that data is the challenge. There’s a need to come up with ways to analyze the ever-increasing amount of data and be able to tell a story from that data and use that to fuel growth and make decisions, especially in the healthcare world.

The challenge of educating clients before marketing and selling to them [22:48]
Healthcare has different sets of regulations which is a challenge as compared with other industries. Healthcare was also not as forward in adopting some cloud-based technologies which give them the responsibility of educating clients what they do.

What you need to succeed in healthcare tech industry [24:30]
He advises learning what healthcare organizations are going through in the field that you would want to fulfil the need. Know that healthcare is unique and needs a certain level of expertise to understand the audience since they’re always going to be reluctant. Find people that understand vertical and provide educational information to your audience.