Ep 20: How to Build and Run A Successful SaaS Healthcare Platform | Ardy Arianpour, Seqster

Ardy Arianpour is the CEO and co-founder of Seqster, an awarding winning SaaS healthcare platform that enables organizations to drive efficient healthcare via comprehensive medical records, individual genomic profiles, and personal device data.

In this episode of Health Tech Hustle Podcast with Rodney Hu, Ardy shares his journey from an executive who helped startups grow into large enterprises to a business owner in the science and business field. He also shares the strategies that have seen him fail and rise again to become a successful entrepreneur.

Listen in to learn what it takes to build and run a successful SaaS company in the healthcare tech industry.
“The more failures you’ve had, the better of an entrepreneur you can be because of the fact that you can identify certain obstacles and patterns before they occur, and that is because you fell in pitfalls before.”- Ardy Arianpour [ 9:34]

How to combine your passions and create a business. [2:07]

He started with a love for science when he was sixteen years old and went to work for a biological studies institute. He was also surrounded by a biotech community in San Diego. He started experimenting within research as a way of combining business and science because business came naturally to him while science was a bit of a struggle. He combined both disciplines which saw him experience success in his late 20s as an executive or manager and grew small startups into large enterprises. He was encouraged by mentors to start his business which he eventually did with Seqster and has been successful so far.

What it takes to turn ideas into a successful business. [4:46]

He has always been good at drilling ideas since his teenage years, but he learned that starting a business is different. He thinks that entrepreneurship is worth it with all the advantages but also acknowledges that it is a very hard journey that comes with a lot of sacrifices.

The skill of time management as an entrepreneur. [7:59]

He has learned to adapt to some situations and being flexible to how things change from what is planned. He has learned to expect the unexpected with time and failing. He believes that the more times an entrepreneur fails, the more they become better at managing their time.

The power of having an effective team [10:28]

Every great entrepreneur has a great team- it’s not a one-man show but teamwork. Defining the goals that you cannot reach to keep everyone busy with it. Always keep in mind that you’re the only one who will pick yourself when you fail.

He had worked with his team before and had learned to go through ups and downs together. He looked for people that had different skillsets than him so they could perform different tasks. He made it look like a cocktail where everyone had their particular tasks. He looked for people who understood that it was a long process that could yield greater rewards in the future. Find people who are smarter than you for the benefit of your business.

Is there a perfect business growth strategy? [15:44]

They focused on solving a major problem first which they recognized by accident. The pandemic has opened doors for telemedicine to take off and his business had some aspects that have been advantaged. They focused on one problem which in a way led to their growth strategy.

How to create user-centric software. [18:33]

They wanted to change the paradigm of how such platforms are created- from a sophisticated engineer-built platform to a patient-centric platform.

The right places to reach your target audience. [20:51]

They did not have a sophisticated way of reaching the target audience and everything fell into place by accident. He was also actively attending various conferences where he got the opportunity to not only demo the platform but talk about their story. There were many people interested in health tech in these conferences which saw many opportunities open up in the B2B enterprise and also gained huge investors.

Digital Health as a Service Vs Software as a Service [24:18]

He believes his platform is more of a digital health as a service as opposed to software as a service. He says that his platform helps all types of businesses that want to provide digital health solutions. This because of the way it was built and how it breaks down data silos that businesses and their customers are interested in. They differ in the healthcare tech because of the type of data that they have.

How to overcome challenges in a digital SaaS company. [27:39]

There are no shortcuts to an explosion of growth in business. The journey gives you obstacles and it’s about how you overcome them in your own unique process. The biggest challenge he thinks entrepreneurs face is capital which can derail business growth. He explains that it is not about the amount of money you raise but what you do with it that matters. They were also careful from whom they collected the money from since some of it came with non-beneficial constrain.