Ep. 2: Leveling the Playing field in Healthcare | Bill Reisacher, NovoPlexus

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Bill Reisacher about his experiences as a medical professional and serial entrepreneur. He shares his journey on how his most recent entrepreneurial venture, NovoPlexus, started as an idea over drinks.

Bill talks about the benefits of the partnership as an entrepreneur. He talks about the benefit of knowing your target market, a problem in healthcare, and how NovoPlexus is going to solve it. He delves into how time management allows him to manage to be a healthcare professional, a professor, and an entrepreneur.

Dr. Bill Reisacher is a Senior Scientific Advisor for Intro-immune Therapeutics, Co-founder for Allovate Therapeutics, Associate Professor at Weill Cornell Medical College. He is also the Medical Director and Co-Founder at Novo Plexus, and a standup comic.

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Key Takeaways
- Finding mutually beneficial partnerships can take you further than you initially thought.
- Leveraging skills when working towards a common goal help build a strong network.
- Properly manage your time management and choosing opportunities that align with your long-term goal.
- The power in believing in a dream, building a strong foundation, and driving that dream to fruition.
Key moments

02:10 – Bill talks about co-founding Novoplexus, meeting his co-founder at a comedy club, entrepreneurship.
03:14 – What problems in healthcare does Novoplexus solve? How to build a community around the financial aspect of healthcare?
04:50 – The plan behind NovoPlexus: Trying to be too many things to too many people can be confusing, it is best to niche down and know your target population, for Novoplexus it was price transparency.
05:34 – Pitching NovaPlexus, and the negative backlash of Blockchain during the early 2000s.
06:21 – How you’re able to go about finding experts and people to help create the vision of NovoPlexus.
08:07 – Bill talks about his entrepreneurial experiences and the benefits of having a partner with complementary skills.
09:23 – The ideal person of the NovoPlexus community: someone who wants to know price transparency.
12:26 – NovaPlexus challenges, plans to build awareness around and reaching the target audience.
15:47 – Bill talks about his experience as an ear, nose, and throat surgeon, a teacher, and in the medical industry.
16:56 – The benefits of time management when balancing multiple roles.
18:33 – Differences between the healthcare professional and entrepreneur.
20:24 – What is the most common problem in healthcare?
21:29 – Rapid Fire Round.