Ep 15: Investing in Healthcare Tech Companies | Maximilian Winter, Neue Fund.

Maximilian Winter is a venture capital investor helping entrepreneurs launch exponential organizations in human health and breakthrough technology. He is also the founder and CEO of the Neue Fund.

In this episode of the HealthTech Hustle, Maximilian shares how he got into health tech investing and the type of companies that his Fund works with. He also shares the processes they go through to ensure that a company qualifies for an investment.
“Smart founders look beyond getting funded, they look what other value all the stakeholders including investors can add to their evolution.”- Maximilian Winter [2:51]

Who is Maximilian Winter and what is he doing in this space? [1:07]

Neue Fund is a small micro fund in venture capital that started a few years ago by Maximilian Winter. It has about 20 something investments and doing another 10, they’re very focused on life sciences, healthcare, and some other traditional investments. He came from Germany where he lived half of his life and has been in the US for the last 15 years with a background in finance.

How did he end up in health tech investing? [1:57]

He thought it was the way he could make an impact and he had the experience and understood the problems that needed unlocking. He plays the role of helping health tech companies- reaching out and adding value.

Are there certain types of companies that he works with? [3:31]

Their thesis is constantly evolving and is more around human health which is broad and makes it important to choose a project to work with. They work with humble people who are willing to learn and are resourceful and responsive.

What stage are companies coming to them usually at? [5:01]

They target companies that have some type of validation whether in the product or the service like intellectual property. All the requirements that make a company qualify for them to help. It doesn’t have to be perfect just validation with the technology and how they take the risk by estimating.

How did he put together a valuable team? [7:55]

You should source for talent that is vast and experienced in multiple fields. His ideal person has to be good in life sciences that validate technology and product, familiar with investment processes, and someone good with social situations.

Does he go out to look for investment opportunities or do people come to him? [8:54]

They come to them and they also source them actively which is close to half and half. They source them in accelerators networks which is wide and other ways that they use. Companies don’t necessarily have to come through these groups although it is highly beneficial.

What are the common challenges that he sees in the healthcare tech industry? [13:32]

The healthcare system seems to be very traditional- it’s more reactive than proactive. The technology is very disjointed, and there are many potentials to be unlocked there. There needs to be a paradigm shift mindset for individuals to be in charge of their health which will save a lot of cost for the healthcare system.

Who would be the ideal target audience for companies he wants to work with, in health
tech? [15:31]

He wants companies that concentrate on life sciences and ideally in software. He explains the technical an aspect of the software and technology that he’d like to work with.

What advice would he give an entrepreneur looking to grow or get more investments? [17:53]

Surround yourself with smart people and be at a network that cares about education, personal
development, and entrepreneurship. Have a good business strategy and a model that works.

He answers the rapid-fire round of questions. [20:56]

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