Episode 43: "Influencer Method - Funnelytics" | Rodney Hu, 209Digital

I want to share a framework that I've been studying, learning and implementing over the past few years.

The idea is termed as the “influencer method” of how to grow your own audience, grow your following and influence amongst a target audience and target market by leveraging other people's audience.

The key opportunity is to collaborate with members in your industry that have audiences that you can leverage. 
Pockets of groups, communities that could potentially be a target audience for you. A key factor in this is to really understand who your target market is, what are the characteristics of the people that fit within this bubble, and how do the characteristics of your brand align with your target audience. 
It can be aligning with your dream customer or ideal prospect, and then figuring out where they are positioned online to reach them. 
Questions to ask: 
  • Who are they? 
  • Where are they at? 
  • What blogs are they reading? 
  • What podcasts are they listening to? 
  • What YouTube channels do they watch?
  • What influencers they're following and engaging with? 
  • What companies and brands have their attention? 
  • What events are they going to? 
Start creating cyber traffic everywhere that you think their attention could be and be present when they are consuming content. You want to leverage the internet as a digital game to create an omnipresence for you.
You brand yourself through strategically creating content with people that you're collaborating with to reach your target audience.
For example, I have a podcast called Healthtech Hustle related to the healthcare industry, technology and entrepreneurship. There are little sub niches and sub communities that I tap into under these categories. They may be slightly different, but overall it similar to what I am trying to promote and what I am trying to create to be perceived by other people. 
I reach out to people within the entrepreneurship community, within healthcare and within the digital marketing space to be creative and strategically collaborate with these people, especially if they already have an audience.
How can I be a value to the industry so that I can leverage their audience in a way that allows me to grow mine? 
It's by associating your name and your brand with a collaborator and leveraging their visibility and their credibility, because a certain percentage of that awareness of that traffic will trickle down to you just through the law of association.
When I started out creating content, I didn't have a large following. I had to be creative in scheduling meetings with high level executives, founders and entrepreneurs so that they would take time out of their day to collaborate with me.
I went about navigating that way to start my own podcast. Instead of going onto their platform, I created my own platform and invited people on Healthtech Hustle to share their journey, share their story of entrepreneurship, the ups and the downs, the strategies, tools, and tactics needed to grow a company successfully. 
Through Healthtech Hustle, I started leveraging other people's audience by interviewing them and getting them on my platform. 
After we recorded the content, I shared that content with them so that they could share it with others. This intentional effort created visibility for my brand. Through them tagging me and sharing my content, people clicked on my profile and discovered my work. Many went on to follow me and engage with what I do. Through increased visibility I even got a lot of referrals to other people within the industry to have on my podcast. 
This is how I leveraged the influencer method for my brand, my podcast to expand my overall reach and authority and give me a better positioning, which leads to leverage later down the road when new business opportunities arise.
I hope this is useful for you. Let me know if you have any questions and catch you on the next one.
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