Episode 42: "Authority Funnel Framework - Funnelytics" | Rodney Hu, 209Digital

Using the Authority Funnel Framework, you can position yourself as an expert and an influential authority within your space and your target audience.

The big problem right now is that with so many people creating content, there's a lot of noise. The markets are very saturated. How do you position yourself to sound like music in a noisy market? That's the mindset behind this framework.

A common myth or misconception is that you have to be someone famous or already have a large following in order to be considered an authority or thought leader within your space.

The truth is that authority can easily be manufactured. 
You have to be very strategic about the process and how to go about moving the pieces around. Each move is very intentful. 
That being said, this is the high-level framework. We have the influencer method, syndicating content across the different social platforms, with the goal of bringing that traffic and awareness to a premium piece of content. 
Through this you indoctrinate your audience into your world and allow them to share their information, seek more information and allow you to sift, sort and screen through all these prospects with the ideal goal of getting on a call or having a conversation with them. 
Whether it's your personal brand, your company brand, in order for your audience to grow, in order for your brand to grow, you need to leverage other people's audience. So you can see in order to influence the smaller circles you can surround yourself with these other key players in those markets. By associating yourself with these key players, naturally, you leverage their credibility and then your visibility becomes credibility amongst the eyes of others. 
There's a saying that with “six degrees of separation” you can be connected to anybody throughout the world.
If you really understand who your target audiences are, where their attention is already and what holds their attention, then you can figure out strategic ways to collaborate with certain members - whether they're influencers, whether they're brands, whether they're competitors direct or indirect competitors - you can start to understand the who of your audience. 
Once you start creating content, whether it's through any of the three major mediums - audio, video, or text - at the end of the day what do you want to do then after you collaborate? 
The next goal is to create, and then you're going to repurpose that content and publish it across all the social media or internet platforms that your target audiences visits - Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
There can even be community forums - websites, Facebook groups, LinkedIn communities - wherever your target audience is, the goal it to take that valuable content and publish it in those areas. 
Naturally, people will become more aware. Also, if you start tagging and leveraging brands that you're trying to tap into, you'll start leveraging their audience as well to grow your own.
As you build a bigger audience, you start gaining more leverage over the long run. 
People will see you connecting with many other people and putting out content with them and doing it consistently. This immediately boosts your branding and your authority. 
The goal of being essentially omnipresent with your content is to take the awareness and influence you have built and leverage it to a larger audience.
The way to capitalize on an increase of awareness is to drive that traffic down to a lead magnet. Channel the free content drive back to lead magnet or premium content in which it's a value exchange and exchange for information for the content.
Depending on your area of expertise in your industry, lead magnet can vary. Whether it's a checklist, a template, a demo, a free trial or an ebook, once they give you their information, now that they become a part of your online audience.
Add them to your list and always communicate with that list. Don't stop there, after you:
  1. collaborate with people
  2. Start creating content
  3. Build your authority
  4. Start driving traffic back to you
  5. Indoctrinating people into your world. 
  6. Provide value in exchange for their information
We want to convert our audience even further by redirecting them to the authority video that shares the journey and “why” behind your brand, your story, and how you fit into your customer's journey as a problem solver. Position yourself  as someone that can reduce friction to someone that can save them time and money. Communicate this through a video.
After people watch that video, a certain percentage of that traffic is going to convert and that call to action would then send them over to a questionnaire, which allows you to ask them questions, get them to tell you a little bit more detail about who they are and what they're looking for and send over to a calendar page where they can schedule a call with you.
That's the authority funnel framework. Do you have any questions? Feel free to reach out, but catch you guys on the next one.
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