Episode 41: "Tacking Mental Health Through Health Tech" | Kate Cordell, Opeeka

Episode 41:

In this episode, I talk with Kate Cordell and Ken Knecht are the Co-Founders of Opeeka, an AI-driven mental healthcare software company. Their cloud-based solution aggregates mental healthcare assessments from multiple providers into a single digital story map. In this interview, they explain how their solution uses success-focused AI to help solve the post-Covid-19 mental healthcare.
Dr. Cordell is a nationwide thought leader for behavioral health technology, integrating data systems to support a whole- person approach to care. She has built models for federal, state, county, healthcare providers and community-based agencies to convert behavioral health and social program data into decisions and decisions into positive outcomes.

Key Takeaways
  • Confluence of Ideas. Some of the best solutions and products seen in the market have come from entrepreneurs who have exposure and experience across various industries and fields of work. Through their confluence of ideas, they are able to find solutions that can solve systemic problems and have a multi pronged approach.
  • Setting Up Processes. It is very important to put organization and processes in place for a startup environment. It becomes easy to understand where bottlenecks and breakdowns in the work flow occur and how to fix them when you have a step by step process for everything.
  • Knowing And Communicating Purpose. To build an Avenger level core team, you need to work out of a place of mission and purpose. It is important to understand the problem you are trying to solve and be able to communicate that to your team and stakeholders.

Key moments
  • 00:55 – Kate’s background in health tech and the healthcare industry
  • 04:16 – How to find your niche and solution in the market
  • 05:57 – Building the core team for your startup
  • 09:39 – How to prioritize in a dynamic startup environment
  • 12:40 – Knowing what to do yourself and what to delegate
  • 15:32 – Overcoming adversity faced in the journey
  • 17:25 – How to connect with your target audience
  • 20:50 – Advice for entrepreneurs entering the healthcare industry
  • 23:02 – Rapid Fire Round

  • “It is important to set up end to end processes in your organisation so that you can understand where bottlenecks and breakdowns occur.” – Kate Cordell

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