Episode 38: "Storytelling About Your Work To Level Up" | Jim Kean, Journi Health

Episode 38:

In this episode, I talk with Jim Kean, VP - Infrastructure and Operations at Journi Health, about how health tech professionals and companies can transition and level up in the work that they are doing through working with larger companies, communicating effectively, and getting funding to scale your operations further.

Jim Kean leads Journi Infrastructure and Operations which is focused on designing, testing and
implementing digitally-driven intelligent operations and driving digital transformation for a large health insurance company. Jim’s innovative and entrepreneurial career emphasis has been developing disruptive consumer-oriented fitness, health, and wellness experiences. Prior to joining Cambia in November 2016, Jim was founder and CEO of WellnessFxTM, a digital health company focused on providing easy and affordable access to blood-based diagnostics bundled with telehealth consults. He was also founder and president of Sapient Health Network (SHN), which became the consumer-facing business of WebMD.

Key Takeaways
  • Storytelling is such an important aspect when presenting your work. Whether you are talking to an investor or a potential partner, incorporating a storytelling flow when communicating about the problem that your company is addressing and your solution to it makes your pitch more memorable. Keep improving how effectively you communicate the work that you are doing and run a few demo presentations to figure out the miscommunication, flaws, and gaps in your message and work at weaving that into your story right at the start of the presentation.
  • For smaller companies, it is important to understand the processes and producers in place for working with bigger companies and learning to follow them well. Large organizations do not work in the same method and system as startups and once you understand how the big players work and how to approach them, you can easily crack into their budget cycle as a partner. 

Key moments
  • 01:08 – Jim talks about his background as a professional and his journey into Health Tech
  • 21:18 – The commonalities and connections between Jim’s entrepreneurial background and the work that he is doing now 
  • 27:25 – Learning how to prioritize and problem solve
  • 34:16 – How to present effectively to VCs and build partnerships
  • 36:20 – Mastering the art of storytelling
  • 41:19 – Managing time effectively as a VP at Journi Health
  • 48:00 – The importance of infrastructure and systems in a company 
  • 50:00 – Rapid Fire Round

  • “The art of storytelling is the most important skill I learned when communicating to leave an impact.” – Jim Kean

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