Episode 33: "The Impact of Wearable Devices in Health Technology" | The Wearables Expert, Digital Salutem

Episode 33:

João Bocas is a professional digital influencer & keynote speaker and is a globally recognized business thought leader, mentor, advisor, and entrepreneur with +25 business acumen. He is helping brands to connect with multidisciplinary audiences online. His expertise and professionalism, work ethic, and client centricity approach make him one of a kind to work with. Now, more and more reputable technology brands trust João Bocas.

In this episode of HealthTech Hustle, João talks about how wearable devices have innovated how it has affected the lives of the consumers of today. He will share his advice on how to maximize these devices and how social media can be a great help to grow a healthcare business.

“When we do things, we learn from others that have been on the path before. I believe that is extremely important” [17:37:]
Who is João Bocas? [00:11]
João Bocas is a digital health influencer, expert, and keynote speaker in wearable technology and is a globally recognized business thought leader, mentor, adviser, and entrepreneur with 25 plus business acumen.

Starting at the wearable technology space [00:53]
Back in 2015, he did some consultancy work in some companies with regards to software technology. In the same year, he started doing a start-up business plan for healthcare and planned to gather all the data from all healthcare wearables to create meaningful insights. When he was doing the startup as a business developer, he was contacting the manufacturers and doing business with them and things evolved from there.

How the consumer wearables evolved [04:17]
João Bocas recalls how things have changed a lot 15 years ago as compared to this date, comparing the advancements of technologies today that changed from basic to using fitness trackers and wearable bands to wearables that measure recovery and the likes. He feels like we are in the 4th and 5th gen of the wearables era. 

The future of wearables [06:20]
Engaging himself in the wearable industry, João Bocas believes that 2021 is the year of wearable devices because the mass-market adoption is there in terms of consumer wearables like Apple and Samsung that produces smartwatches that keeps on growing every year by 30%. On the medical side, it will be an essential tool to accomplish medical delivery.

What obstacles does the industry need to overcome? [08:29]
Speaking about the innovation of the wearables, his fondness grew for fashion techs like smartwatches, Apple watches, Smart belts, and shoes that can be combined to achieve a certain fitness goal. As he recalls device barriers, he cites things like security issues, interoperability and communication, mistrust from users, and long-term engagements. Additionally, guidance and education on using the wearables still have a gap that needs to be filled.

What advice he would give for wearable companies? [11:41]
Constantly mentioning how wearable devices became slicker and sexier, saying that one missing link to these devices is making people understand in a simplistic way to increase the intrinsic motivation - why they are actually getting and using the wearable, its uses, and how to maximize the potential. 

Who is Digital Solutem? [14:05]
It was created at the backfire of a healthcare start-up, it is a consulting company that plays globally and works globally as well as creating brands and contents, also doing business development and healthcare consultancy. Led by João himself, Digital Solutem mainly focuses on healthcare innovations and digital health and marketing services.

Advice to other entrepreneurs who want to grow their business online? [16:13]
He shares how important direction, consistency, and hard work is, and that it takes time to grow, following it by saying that everything takes time and for them to be patient, also knowing how to build connections. Be organic, remind yourself that behind the brand is a person.

What opportunities can you expect from focusing on trying to grow a brand online? [18:53]
Throughout his years in the business, he saw how social media helped him reach a wider audience because people nowadays are online, and it also attracts people who are also working in the same space. Focus on the quality of content, to attract opportunities like speaking engagement and consultancy etc. The digital world is powerful right now with the COVID, since everyone else is adjusting and adapting to digital engagements like podcasts, blog and vlogs. 

João Bocas answers the rapid-fire questions: [21:29]