Episode 24: "The Intervention of Technology in the Lives of Mid-Life Women " | Ann Garnier, Lisa Health

Ann Garnier is the founder and CEO of Lisa Health, a company that’s committed to the use of technology in empowering women and helping them navigate through mid-life with ease and confidence.

In this episode of the HealthTech Hustle, Ann recounts her journey from being a woman who had to rely on herself to try and understand the changes happening in her body to being a woman who has most of the answers, credible ones at that, to all the woes every woman in the mid-life are encountering as they go through the menopause stage.

“Every problem can be solved. There are always ways to solve the problem. You may not always like those options but there are options.”- Ann Garnier [18:06]

What is your background? [00:45] 

Ann has been in the healthcare industry for 25 years before she started her own company, Lisa Health. She was an entrepreneur, an executive, and advisor to companies that are involved in femtech healthcare technology. 

When the demand to improve the technology dedicated to women’s health started to grow, a lot of women joined the bandwagon and stepped up to take part in this revolution. Ann decided to make her own mark during this transition and that’s when Lisa Health came into fruition. 

There has been a massive need for information on how women can navigate through the menopausal stage with more ease. Ann personally experienced this need. She utilized the same method she’s been using to create healthcare products to come up with a solution that can address her need for information and knowledge about how women can live healthier, happier lives despite the pains and discomfort of menopause. 

Lisa Health has been utilizing technology to create awareness, disseminate information, and connect women who are in the same life stage to deal with it together, learn from one another and be each other’s solid rock of support. 

Menopause has a huge impact on the lives of women and it is important for every woman to have access to credible sources of information that can offer a better understanding of how to manage the changes that comes with this stage. 

How did she identify the problem in the women's healthcare system and the first steps he took to offer solutions? [03:35]  

She reached the menopausal phase of her life and because of the changes happening in her body, she had to reach out to a doctor for help on how she can deal with the pain points better. That was when she realized there isn’t really much help she can get because menopause is one of the many under-served aspects of a woman’s life stage, particularly in the category of healthcare. She took matters into her own hands by doing her own research. She applied the years of training in creating healthcare products successfully to come up with a solution with the use of technology. She started tracking her observations using a spreadsheet and experimented on health products and lifestyle changes and has garnered positive results. 

How did you get the word out about your company and reached the people you wanted to reach? [13:15] 

She utilized social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram, to spread the word and made sure that the brand resonates.  She used these platforms to connect to people, to educate and offer empathy, and made sure the contents are interesting enough, are credible, and are educational.

How did she put her team together? [10:05]

Her experience in research taught her the importance of having a team who can work well together and win together. She had that in mind in choosing who to work with. Because of the kind of work they have to do, it was also a critical consideration for her to hire a team who has the same perspective in technology and have enough experience, skills, and knowledge in healthcare and femtech. 

How did she overcome the problems that she encountered as an entrepreneur? [17:38]

She believes that starting your own company is like a roller coaster and all entrepreneurs have their own highs and lows. She gave high regard to having a positive mental attitude, and operate with optimism. She is aware of the fact that there will always be problems and obstacles to deal with but all these problems have solutions. The solutions may or may not appeal to you but they are available.

How did she earn the trust of people on her brand? [15:44]

The contents she presented are research-based and evidence-based. She spent time creating these contents and made sure they’re different from those that are commonly available in social media. The facts being posted mostly came from experts who have done their homework, and have dedicated a fair amount of time doing research before sharing what they know to the people. That’s how she’s earned the credibility to be a solution provider to women who are having difficulties dealing with menopause.

What advice would she give to his 20-year-old self? [22:20]

Travel outside the country, travel as much as you can. That’s the best way to broaden your horizon and perspective. That’s how you can get in touch with that part of yourself that you’ll never come to know if you didn’t travel. 

Lisa Health answers the rapid-fire round of questions. [19:34]

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