#34: "Teaching Others Through The HealthTech Hustle Platform” | Rodney Hu


Have you ever felt that you are on top of the world and in your prime?

This is exactly how Rodney felt when he was just starting out his professional life. He had everything he needed -- a stable career and a high-paying job. But what happens when adversities come your way? Rodney chose to use these setbacks to accelerate his ambition and dreams. Taking the learnings from these opportunities and navigate through adversities.

In this episode, Rodney Hu shares with you his story when he was starting out in the business and how he found opportunities amidst the challenges. He is also excited to discuss how his show the HealthTech Hustle Podcast is shaping this 2021 for his listeners.

“My Healthtech Hustle is to really inspire people and lay the foundation of what success looks like and help as many people as I can along the way.” [09:49]
The current state of Healthtech Hustle Podcast 2020 [01:10] 
 Rodney mentioned that he started with zero audiences on Twitter, LinkedIn, iTunes Spotify etc. Since he launched in April 2020 we have over 32 episodes publish with a total of 3101 downloads. He personally thinks this is awesome and proud of the numbers given how niche-down the health tech industry is. 
Why did Rodney start the HealthTech Hustle Podcast? [02:03]  
 He started the podcast to get his foot on the door as far as the whole digital marketing make-money-online-game. Rodney wanted to sell video content services that he is doing on the side, by creating this podcast, he essentially developed his own distribution platform. He also wanted to make sure specialists have an outlet for them to talk about their expertise. This allowed him to gather other people’s attention, he was invited to other podcasts, speaking events based on the concept of he was getting out there for the community.
What is HealthTech Hustle [04:40] 
 Rodney shares his story back in 2014, when he first moved to Stockton to LA to find his MRI school. He said in 2017 he graduated and got his first job in Valley Radiology in San Jose. He put in the work and time and got a high paying job and felt he was on top of the world.
A setback that became a motivation [06:04]
In 2018, Rodney was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa and in the process of medical check-ups and procedures, he met a lot of experts in the field and was exposed to a lot of Health technologies and professionals available. That kind of sparked his interest or caught his attention. He thought that there are still a lot of technologies that he was still unaware of, given that he is in the HealthTech space. 
Travel MRI Tech [07:45]
In 2019, Rodney used his platform to become a Travel MRI Tech and was able to travel around the US. In 2020 he moved back to Idaho and went all-in in trying to figure how this digital game makes money online is. He felt he was on the rise again since 2018.
What are the goals of the podcast with this slight rebranding in 2021? [10:01]
Rodney sharing the journey on how he wants to leave an impact on the world through entrepreneurship and whatever endeavor he is in.
  • Creating a community
  • Finding other people that have interesting stories and giving them a platform to share their journey. 
  • Teach others through his platform. Everybody can learn from someone else’s journey. Rodney quotes what his father always told him “Your worst student is your best teacher.”
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